Thursday, December 2, 2010

it's beginning...

... to look a lot like Christmas! 

The fact that I have any decorations out at this moment is a pretty huge deal for me, considering the last two Christmases in this house. Two years ago, I was HUGELY pregnant, terribly exhausted, and praying I would go in to labor at any moment (of course as it would happen, I remained HUGELY pregnant for about 3 1/2 more weeks!). Our decorations that year consisted of a single strand of snowflake lights on the front porch and a fake, sparsely decorated tree. Last year I was the couch for the entire month of December (and most of January, too), following an emergency surgery. Somehow I managed to finish sewing the stockings, but that was about it. I think the little fake tree may have made an appearance, though I'm not sure when or how. Needless to say, this year I have been extra excited about getting the whole house looking like the season that is upon us. I am extremely grateful this holiday season to be able to feel the warmth and joyous anticipation of family gatherings, keep up a cozy home, and to finally begin some of the traditions I've spent the last few seasons dreaming up with my family. If all goes as planned, we'll take a walk in the woods this weekend to find our perfect tree.



  1. Two Christmases ago I was HUGELY pregnant too! I had Charlotte on 1/13/ about 19 days later. :)

    So that Christmas...when I started decorating, I starting contracting. So I had to put the Christmasy goodness aside for a trip to L&D. Nothing. So a few days later I try putting up a try by myself (well, I had help from the 2 y/o). Hubby was working two jobs at the time. Stupid tree kept falling on me! One of the screw thingys on the tree stand was malfunctioning. So I dragged the stupid thing outside onto the porch. Vacuumed up the pine needles and decided..."Hey, it's not a bad idea to keep the stupid tree outside..." It's right on the other side of where it would of been inside...and keeps the kid(s) out of the gifts (because they are hidden in the closet) and I don't have to hang any ornaments (just lights and those big plastic red bows). LOL

    I put it outside last year too.

    I was going to attempt an inside tree this year, keep your fingers crossed!