Monday, February 17, 2014

another shirt that fits! {maternity sewing}

Yay for another shirt that covers the belly! I followed this tutorial over on DIY Maternity using one of my thrifted button-ups and am SO happy with the result. I also added some cap sleeves, using this tutorial from Suburbs Mama. I'm not sure yet whether to keep them as they are or take them off and try again. I'm wishing they were slightly more fitted, I think.

Unfortunately I don't think this shirt is going to see it to the end of my pregnancy, since I probably won't stop growing for the next 3 months...

But the button front and the general shape of the shirt is making me think I could definitely use it after baby arrives as a shirt that's handy to nurse in. *fingers crossed* I always seem to have a hard time finding tops that don't cost a zillion dollars that are convenient for nursing. I usually end up just layering up tees with stretchy camisoles, but that doesn't lend itself well to all occasions.

29 weeks!

Not too bad for about $4 and a couple hours of sewing therapy. :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

thursday already?!

How on earth did that happen? Karl didn't work at all last week due to the weather, and we spent all day Monday buying a new (to us) car. (Yay for being a two car family again!) Needless to say our schedule has been all thrown off with daddy home and we are just now getting back into real life again. Boy did we enjoy our time though. It is lovely to take a few days once in a while to just be. We had nothing scheduled and didn't yet have the means to get our to-do list rolling. Instead we enjoyed a lot of reading, a couple family movie nights, playing together, and family naps. Luckily, after a lovely weekend full of snow and nighttime snowball fights, the weather warmed up and Karl made it back to work before we all got too used to being home together--turns out that just doesn't get the bills paid!

Hopefully I'll get another boost of energy soon now that I've hit the third trimester (!!) and get those maternity shirts finished so I have more than one shirt that fits again.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

new post, old dress {maternity sewing}

I decided this dress needs an updated post. It has been on favorite status through two pregnancies, and was amazing after Milo was born, since the deep V neckline lends itself well to nursing attire. I used this tutorial with a super light weight slub knit that I doubled over. The arm holes and hem are left raw, since the jersey doesn't fray and I dig the look. The style of the dress works well as a layered piece with a long sleeve shirt and leggings, works as a cute spring church outfit with flats and a cardigan, and can even be paired well with heels for a date night. LOVE it. Pretty sure I'll be making another one as soon as the right fabric finds me.

Here's what it looks like with no belt, which is getting to be more comfortable these days.

And here's the belly!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

in progress.

Thanks to my ever-expanding belly and the attempt of all three children at various times through the night/early morning to crawl over me into our bed, I am up before the sun this morning, enjoying the chilly quiet. And chilly it is! This is our first winter in our OLD and drafty house, and we are still getting used to figuring out the best ways to stay warm. Wool socks, hot water bottles, and throw blankets thrown everywhere are feeling especially cozy right now. And I can't forget knitting. Knitting feels especially cozy this time of year, especially with a new babe to knit for kicking around in my belly. Right now I'm working on a BSJ for Little No. 4 (see the one I knit for Milo here). I decided not to hold the yarn double this time, and using some Knit Picks Stroll Tonal in Pacific on size 4 needles, I'm crossing my fingers he'll at least get to wear it a handful of times before its too small!

Also! I took a trip through the thrift store a little while back and found a couple goodies to make into maternity shirts, using a little inspiration from DIY Maternity--such a great site for tutorials and inspiration! If these work out, I'll have two new shirts for under $6. Score! I'm thinking one of them will turn into another peasant top, and I might piece together a couple different tutorials for the other. 

I love the fabric on that front shirt. You can't tell from far away, but the print is little birds. 

I'm linking up to Frontier Dreams today, for some more inspiring progress posts.