Monday, February 22, 2010


i'm beginning to feel the perks of being married to a near rockstar. wide eye panic was on the radio last week as in-studio guests, and got to meet all the radio personalities from the bj shea's morning show, as well as kyle cease. it was so wonderful for them to get to promote their new album live to seattle. all the members of the band who were there received two tickets apiece to see kyle cease and louie anderson at a fancy shmancy ballroom in bellevue. it was by far the fanciest place we've been as a married couple. i almost even took a picture. but forgot my camera. while we were waiting in line for the bar--since we got free tickets, we figured we could cough up the money for a glass of wine, which was by the way, more expensive than any bottle of wine i've bought--karl introduced me to bj shea from the radio, which was so exciting that i stumbled over all my words and turned red. clearly, i need more practice meeting people. and being in public. i'm a little out of my element when i have to ditch the bathrobe and pretend to be fancy. at least it was a comedy show and not an opera or ballet. i'm not against opera or ballet, but i'll definitely have to class it up a few notches before i'll be ready to be taken to one of those. anyway, it was great fun. a fantastic show. and i'm so glad karl and i go to have a date. here's a sweet photo mama rhondi took while madee helped me get ready.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

out to lunch.

we went out to lunch today (which we pretty much never do) and found out that kids get to make their own pizza at the pizza place we went to. it was a super fun time. too bad karl's cell phone doesn't take better pictures though.