Saturday, July 9, 2011

I finally got some new photos that better show the colors of the baby blanket I'm currently crocheting and I had to show them off. The first photos just weren't that great. This is more what the blanket is looking like in real life (oh, the wonders of natural light in photographs!). This blanket is just so fun, and I think I'll actually be able to finish it. My mom will understand why I say that. She taught me to crochet when I was in third grade. Together we decided that I should finish a twin-sized afghan she started and had all the yarn for in a cute little tote bag. It lived under my bed and I'd work on it every once in a while, but was never really crazy about it. I found it again when I was packing for college. I think I probably did a total of 3 color changes, which equaled about 6 inches of length added to the afghan over almost a decade. Haha!

This one has been really fun to work on though. It's a do-able size and I get to change the color to whatever I want, whenever I want, which really adds to my interest in the process. It doesn't take long to do a color stripe or two, so it's fun to work on whenever I have a few minutes to spare. Plus, since the colors are totally random, Madelynn sometimes thinks its fun to help me choose which color to use next.

I think I linked to the pattern in my last post about it, but just in case, it's this one. There are lots of really cool projects of this blanket on Ravelry, which are so fun to look at. Maybe one day I'll get up the gumption to try a color-themed throw for the living room.


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  1. Yours is beautiful, and just so you know, I never finished the afghan, either. The 20-year-old project has now moved south with your aunt. :-)