Friday, December 31, 2010

happy new year.

another great photo brought to you by Mama Rhondi.

This year we:
- Celebrated our boy's 1st birthday, and watched that same little boy completely transform from a sweet baby to a rough and tumble (but still sweet) nearly-two year old.
- Found out what it's like to be the family of a touring musician (maybe next year will bring a tour the family can join in on...).
- Helped to welcome a sweet baby nephew into the world (on his big brother's birthday!!).
- Convinced our girl that though cousin Jack was going to Kindergarten, they don't let four year olds go just because they want to (thank goodness, I'm not ready for Kindergarten!!).
- Rearranged our home, and then rearranged again. 
- Expanded our family with a kitten (which Mad named Mike).
- Started school. Stopped school. Welcomed a few changes in plans, and worked to accept the ones that weren't so welcome.
- Watched our daughter transform into a twirling, swirling four-year-old with quite the vocabulary (some of it impressive, and some of it just plain surprising).
- Were blessed with good health and much happiness.

We had a great year, and can't wait to see what sort of adventures the new year has in store for our little family.

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