Sunday, March 21, 2010

equation of the week.

magnetic primer + chalkboard paint = creative fun for everyone!!

maximus is helping me with the alphabet.

and here is our special message to daddy.
you might notice on the map that we've been keeping track of his travels.


Friday, March 19, 2010

boy style.

i thought it would be cute for maximus to sport nothin' but cowboy boots, after i found a cute pair at the thrift store.
he was obviously offended.

instead, he prefers sandals and socks.

clearly, he's a product of the northwest.


big girl

here's my biggest goofball with her new big girl haircut. i think it aged her about two full years, but now she's ready for spring and happy as a clam! she'd been begging for a haircut for nearly a year before i gave in to the idea of parting with her curls.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

baby knitting!

i have a few more projects in the works. both of these will be going to the same tiny recipient, baby g, who will be here in late july/early august. the darker colored one on top will hopefully transform into a pair of EZ's nether garments, and the light green project is a sweet overall with feet! i'm hoping i have started early enough to have them done in time for baby g's arrival!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

we heart w.e.p.

the kiddos and i decided to show w.e.p. a little love while they're on tour by donning some sweet panic-wear that i embellished a little.

inspired by two new books i recently collected-- seams to me, and embroidered effects--i decided to do some hand stitching on a sweet shirt that adam barr designed for wide eye panic's tour. i love how it turned out!

then i turned one of my girly style tee's into a cute flutter sleeve tunic/dress for madelynn.

and finally, this is the feat i am most proud of. dana, over at made, has a couple of fool-proof tutorials. i used the one for the 90 minute shirt to make one of karl's shirts into a shirt for maximus. if i can do it, anyone can!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

what we've been up to...

madelynn and i are learning to embroider.

i learned to use power tools and built a bookcase for my bedroom.

i painted the wall above our bed, inspired by some wall stickers i saw a long time ago.
i used my new-found skills to also make a toy-shelf-unit for the playroom.
my favorite part is the puzzle section.
oh, and check out the sweet ball i made from anna maria horner's book. instead of filling it with fiberfill, i left a hole in the cover so a balloon can be slipped inside and then inflated. it makes for an indoors-safe bouncy ball.
i put some stylish organization in my life.
karl helped me set up my sewing corner...

...which inspired me to get my paintings out.
i did the black and white one before we were married.
it has a ladybug on it.

this one was inspired by madelynn being in my belly.
hope all is well elsewhere!!