Tuesday, December 7, 2010

christmas socks.

I was recently inspired to knit up another pair of socks.  I think I do enjoy knitting kid socks--talk about instant gratification, they go so fast!-- but since I am rather new to knitting socks, I really don't know what to look for in a pattern. This one is pretty similar to the one I used last time, but I like that these socks have a reinforced heel. Plus, I just love this yarn--those colors, they're all my favs.
Here they are on my ravelry page.



  1. Knitting question for you: Do you think I can find a mitten pattern where one mitten is thumbless? LOL Charlotte sucks her thumb and is CONSTANTLY taking off her gloves/mittens to do it. I've never knit a glove or a sock for that matter, so hopefully it's not too hard. :)

  2. Chelsea, I'm not sure if you got my email reply, so I'll post it as a comment, too. :)


    Here is a super basic mitten pattern than I used to knit both my kiddos mittens last year. I would just knit it, and when it says to put thumb stitches on waste yarn, just cast off instead for one mitten. :) Also, my best advice when it comes to trying new things is, don't read the whole pattern before you start. Just read it line by line as you're doing it. That way, you don't think, "what are they talking about?!" and get overwhelmed, and likely, when you're holding the knitting in your hands, you'll understand what the pattern is saying. I wouldn't have tried half the things I've knit if I read patterns ahead. ;)