Monday, December 27, 2010

maxi's hat.

I knit this hat a few weeks ago, and can't believe I forgot to post it! I'm still trying to get used to knitting colorwork, and this hat is a great one to practice with. I only used two colors, but there are some great examples on Ravelry where people used more than that. The pattern is Norwegian Star Earflap Hat. I knit the smaller size, which turned out pretty huge for my little guy, so I just threw it in the wash and felted it and luckily it turned out about right. I took the photos before I sewed a pom-pom on top, which I like to pretend is Maxi's favorite part. I think I'm going to make another one soon for Karl. The man can't have too many hats, working outside everyday, right?

Here it is on my project page.

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  1. Cute! Color work is something that I haven't tackled yet...