Friday, July 8, 2011

summer knitting!

I have a couple recently completed projects, as well as a few more in the works. These are all for my fall babe, and I'm loving the patterns! The first is the pattern Baby Socks, from the book More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. (I completely recommend this book, by the way. Full of great projects that aren't too time or yarn consuming (let's face it, sometimes its tough to knit on a budget). I want to knit each one. That doesn't happen for me with knitting books very often. My usual luck with books and cd's is that I buy one and only like the cover project/title track. But that is definitely NOT the case here!!)

I am completely in love with knitting these. They are done in slightly heavier yarn that what I normally think of when knitting socks, which means they call for a larger needle, which means a whole pair knits up in no time at all. I'm pretty sure I'll be making one in every size, in every color in my stash. After all, an October (or November) babe needs warm to have warm toes, right?

This hat is also a pattern from the same book, but I accidently made it less pointy. (Details here).

I was unsure whether or not to undo the top and fix it, so I tried it on this baby-head sized melon and am thinking I'll just leave it alone for now. Cute, right?

Lastly, I'm using some sock yarn from Knit Picks to knit a kicking sack. I can't wait to finish this project. The yarn, by the way, isn't supposed to be striped at all. It's a hand-painted yarn that I got on super sale. I wasn't crazy about the colors (which is sometimes hard to tell on the computer screen), but felt ok about it because it was SUCH a good deal. I am so happy that the colors ended up pooling the way they did. I love it!

So there you have it. The sunshine is good for my knitting. :)

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