Saturday, July 23, 2011

longies for the babe.

I might post about something other than knitting soon. Maybe I'll even finish sewing these. But don't quote me on that! For now, I have to show you something that I am so happy to have finally finished. These little pants first started as a soaker WAY back when Maxi was still in diapers. And tiny. Then, when I realized I wouldn't finish it in time to fit Max, I frogged what I had started and began knitting Elizabeth Zimmerman's baby leggings pattern for my nephew born last summer. Unfortunately I ran out of yarn and didn't get around to ordering more until my nephew, Baby G, was too big for the pants. It was around the time I realized I no longer had a recipient for the pants that they made their way to the very bottom of my knitting basket and have lived there for nearly a year. A year! Needless to say, I'm pretty happy that these are finally finished. They will be going to Little No. 3.

You can see the details on my Ravelry page

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