Monday, January 3, 2011

pretending it's summer

is so much easier when you have a new dress and it's sunny out (sure, it's only 37 degrees out, but that's beside the point! Don't worry, we weren't out long before going in to cuddle under blankets and drink hot cocoa.). This is the Jane Austen Dress, from the book Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines. I've had the knitting finished (including weaving in all the ends and everything!) for a few weeks now, but procrastinated sewing on the skirt 'cause I was a-skeered I would ruin it in the process. The fabric is the same corduroy I'm using for a baby blanket, which I still have yet to finish. Mad fell in love with the horses, so we went back for more! This is the closest she can get to a pony on a daily basis, so my guess is that this will get worn lots.


  1. Thanks for letting Madee come and show me; she told me all about her great new dress. I enjoy watching her photo shoots.

  2. Oh that turned out sooooo cute!!!!! love the summertime "feel"