Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the difference a haircut makes



We cut Maxi's hair right after he turned two, and though it wasn't his first haircut, I am just as surprised at how much more grown up he looks with shorter hair. The second Karl finished with the clippers, I suddenly remembered the vow I had made last summer to never cut his hair again. It was probably good that I had forgotten it, because although I found his little ragamuffin look endearing, he was constantly having to push it out of his eyes. Problem solved. His new 'do definitely makes shampooing easier too, which is good because this little guy is not a fan of having water anywhere near his eyes, nose, or ears. Now we can wash and rinse his hair with a washcloth-- a definite plus!

As a side note, the 'before' photos were taken on two separate nights in the same week. Maximus is helping us find the perfect pizza crust recipe. Any suggestions?

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