Monday, January 24, 2011

I finally visited for the first time. In real life, I'm an Ikea kind of gal, mixed with some Target and Value Village. But while browsing around the site I decided that one day, when Karl and I build the old farmhouse of our dreams, this will be on the front door.

And this will be on the bathroom door.

 Wall paper will definitely be welcome in our dream house. The one on the right, in the kitchen. The beauty on the left, in the Peter Pan-style nursery (not because I want a Peter Pan theme, but because I'll design the perfect room that my children will share until they're twelve. We'll also probably rename Gus and call him Nana. It'll build character. It'll also be cute.)

And these here are calling to me in a special sort of way. It must be the fabric. Or the fact that Anne of Green Gables is the one dressed in pink. Either way, they would probably take center stage in my dream house and land on a shelf in the living room. By the fireplace. On a brick wall. 


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