Saturday, January 8, 2011

our last night of 2010

Since Karl had a show on New Year's Eve, the kids and I had a night full of apple pie, playing, and reading lots of books. I let them both stay up late and have a special night with Mommy, which was so fun. Maximus ended up hitting the hay around 9:30, which is pretty late for him, and then Madelynn and I stayed up for a special girl party. We painted our nails, played crazy eights, watched Free Willy, drank sparkling cider, and to my surprise, the girl lasted until the final countdown and firework show, which we watched on television. Karl walked in the door about 10 minutes later, which was really sweet. Since his show was more than an hour away, I could tell he tried really hard to get home in time for the countdown. Gotta love that guy!!

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