Tuesday, January 4, 2011

measure up.

I recently made myself a measuring board for my kiddos. I've been wanting to do this pretty much since Madelynn could stand, but have been bouncing different ideas and designs around in my head. I wanted to buy one, but didn't want it to be paper (the kiddies would tear it up!), I definitely didn't want to just mark on the wall--what happens when we move away or decide on a new paint color?! Sometimes I'm not sure why I put so much energy into thinking about this, because it seems like just a small detail. But I'm sentimental about things. I envision having a place where all the kids' measurements are drawn up all over something, and someday we'll look at it and realize it started so long ago and we'll see our kids' names, cousins, friends, maybe someday grandkids, and we'll all talk about the memories over a fresh apple pie and homemade hot cocoa (I'm sure I'll have mastered those recipes by then). See? These are the things I think about.

Anyway, after two years of different designs in my head, this is what finally came out. It couldn't be more simple (some of my ideas were terribly elaborate and very decorative), it is basically just a 1x4 board covered in white paint with little marks and numbers to sort of look like a giant ruler.

After it dried in the garage, two weeks of nagging little Maximus finally paid off and he hung it for me.


  1. Well, he did a great job hanging it up there! Love the idea.

  2. What a great idea! I've wanted to get one but the a piece of paper thumb-tacked to the wall doesn't seem durable enough :)

  3. I soooooo wanna do this too! My mom has one in her house (and now that I think about it, they just remodeled that room, I have to check that it's still intact!) and with 7 kids you can imagine the amount of marks on that ruler! There was never a set time for us to all get measured on the wall, it was random and I love it. I think my youngest brother (21) still occasionally marks his height (which is now 6 ft+!). :)