Monday, November 1, 2010

a quick knit! (gift idea)

I knitted the Calorimetry a few weeks ago for my girl, who has been asking for quite some time if I would knit her something purple. Apparently the sweater I knit her wasn't quite the shade she'd been seeking. Anyway, after playing around in my room for a few minutes she came out with a dark purple ball of yarn and said she'd like, "a new dress to wear today." Though I'm flattered that she imagines my knitting ability is comparable to Wonder Woman (I like to imagine Wonder Woman knits. Even more so, I like to imagine that Wonder Woman knit her own outfit one day in the blink of an eye), I told her I would not, could not knit her a dress in one day (or at all). So instead, I knit this sweet headband/ear warmer up in just a few hours (and then I let it sit around on the counter for a few days until finally figuring out what to do for a button). She was pleased. And she insists the button belongs in the front.

This really was a fun, quit knit, and is perfect for a beginner. I do believe I'll be knitting a few more of them this month for all the little girlies in my life.


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