Thursday, November 4, 2010

another quick knit! (gift idea)

Here is another great project suitable for some beginners, and it makes a super cute gift. I made this one for my 5 year old nephew, and it is modeled by my 4 year old daughter. But imagine it on a little two year old. So cute. Or a teenager, or even your husband (mine wants one!!), who will surely recognize the Goomba face from Super Mario Bros. The hat pattern I used is  Ellen's Basic Hat (click that link), and it gives directions for knitting the hat flat, and sewing up a seam in back, or knitting it in the round (seamless). Since this pattern doesn't actually have the Goomba face (you just knit the hat in brown and then duplicate stitch* the face on following the chart for the Goomba Hat.), you can make lots of different hats from it. Knit one for yourself, knit one for your neighbor, knit one for a charity.

* Duplicate stitching is a way to sew a design on your project, after your project is complete. This way,   you don't have to worry about color changes or joining new yarn. Here is a great tutorial for duplicate stitching that I found on The Purl Bee.


  1. I have a friend (who also knits) whose little boy is turning 2 next month. This is perfect! Thanks for the gift idea! :)