Monday, November 22, 2010

coolest hat yet

I made this hat last week, and finished it off with pom poms just in time to wear it in our season's first snow!! I love this hat, but because I went down a needle size, it turned out a little small. That was initially ok since I made it for Madelynn, but she will only wear it after a small amount of coaxing because she insists the "arn is scratchy." I might knit another one for me, adding another cable repeat in the back so it doesn't fit as snugly. I like it knit at the tighter guage, as I think the cables really stand out more that way. If you're interested in knitting it, I put some notes up on my ravelry page, which I think help clarify the cabled earflaps.

Here's Madelynn wearing the hat. I find this photo herlarious (typo intended, it's a shout-out to my lil' bro). It is cut out of the family photo that Mama Rhondi took yesterday, and it may or may not end up on the front of our Christmas cards this year.



  1. I LOVE that hat! such a cute expression on her face too...

  2. Wow that is a fabulous hat! And face, too :D