Wednesday, September 1, 2010

autumn knits:: for the girls.

hooty-hoo! i finally finished knitting up these two sweaters. my friend and i started knitting the adult sized version of the pattern together way back in march! and though she finished months ago, it took me quite a while due to a few little setbacks/knitting schedule conflicts. i suppose finishing right on the brink of fall  works out perfectly though, and with the recent rain we've been having (which is quite refreshing) i find myself already craving trips to the pumpkin patch, warm muffins, and apple cider. after trying on my sweater for the first time and being wrapped in wool (this very well might be the first wool sweater i've worn), i very well might be craving more of these soon, too. it just feels so wonderfully natural and cozy, and madelynn is enjoying the thought that sheep will share their warmth with us. my girl has such a thankful heart!

i enjoyed this pattern, but found i needed to make a few adjustments. you can read those details here and here.

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  1. Gorgeous sweaters - and great photos, too. I hope you're proud of yourself!