Tuesday, November 9, 2010

my funny girl.

I have to start by pointing out how fantastic her Cinderella costume is. Don't most little girls who play "Cinderella" pretend to be the glamorous version from the end of the story? Not mine. She'd rather suds up the floor and sing (loudly!) some of her own melodic tunes.

Then, when she realized I was taking her pictures, she stood up and curtsied, and then in no time flat broke out in the craziest and most carefree dance I've ever seen.

I was completely cracking up! Which I'm positive was her intention.

Obviously, she cracks herself up too.

Nothing is taken too seriously in her world, and boy does she know how to cut loose!

I could learn a thing or two from her.



  1. I think that is so awesome! especially that she loves the raggedy Cinderella!

  2. This made my day from the moment she told me why she wanted to borrow a bucket! I adore these photos - Madee's free spirit comes through loud and clear.