Saturday, October 2, 2010

before bed.

Madelynn:: (calling from bed) MOMMMMMM!

Me: (rushing in to see what the "emergency" is) Yes, dear?

Madelynn: I NEED Mike!

Me: Honey, he can't sleep with you tonight because he has flea medicine on.

Madelynn: Oh. Mom (catching me as I am nearly out of hearing distance), what are fleas?

Me: (returning to her bedside) Those little bugs that make you itchy. Goodnight.

Madelynn: Oh no! I have fleas! Scratch my back!!!!

Me: (scratching her back, and by this time Daddy has come in to my rescue) No, Honey. You don't have fleas. Now go to sleep.

Daddy leans in for a kiss on the cheek!

Madelyn: (panicked!) Daddy!!!
                              You have fleas on your face!!
                                         It itched me!!

Karl: No, that's just my beard.

Madelynn: Daddy? I think you have fleas in your beard.

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