Sunday, October 17, 2010

fun with face paint!

 a few weeks ago i bought some face paint crayons at joann. i bought them partly because they were 50% off, partly because halloween is coming up, and partly because i wanted to help satisfy madelynn's current obsession with makeup in a away that didn't actually have her wearing makeup. well, not "real" makeup anyway. you see, i'd rather her running around looking like a tiger or butterfly, than have her running around looking like she belongs on toddlers and tiaras. that show is hideous and just the thought of it makes me shudder. and cringe. i'm still hoping that even though it's classified as reality television, it's not real. anyway, i had completely forgotten about the face paint, which i had placed on top of the fridge, until just last week when our national geographic for kids magazine came and had a tutorial on tiger face paint. to my pleasant surprise, once i got it out, it kept us entertained for  hours, days even.
 madee the tiger.

 max getting facepaint on the go.

 artist hard at work.

and something about the combination of tears and face paint cracks me up. am i terrible? i'm positive that looking like a butterfly makes tantrums easier for mama to deal with.


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