Sunday, September 12, 2010

why i can't move today (warrior dash).

ok, so i realize this picture doesn't fully explain why i am so sore today. it's just karl and i covered in mud from head to toe. but wait until you hear what we had to do to get that muddy! there was log rolling, scaling some muddy mountainous hills, cargo net climbing, hay bail climbing, rappelling, getting over the warrior wall, fire jumping, and finally, getting through the barbed wire covered mud pit. it was glorious. and thrilling. and muddy. i can't wait until next year!

all those obstacles explained above were spread over a 3 mile course in north plains, or. the place was amazing!! this was my first "race" ever. i figured i would sign up for this one because it's short and seemed realistic considering my lack of training. i also figured that if i didn't meet my goal i could blame it on all the obstacles, and if i met my goal, i could brag about all the obstacles. because that's how i roll.

i was actually pleasantly surprised by the results. my goal was to finish in under 45 minutes, because i am pathetically out of shape. my official time was 41:15.95, which means my pace was 12:37/m. i don't feel too bad about that, considering all those obstacles listed above. karl's time was 38:46.20, but it would have been much faster had he not been so sweet and concerned about me. honestly after the last gigantic hill, i was a little concerned about me, too. 

but we did it! 

the whole event completely exceeded my expectations in awesomeness. if i had known it was going to be such family friendly fun we would have planned to bring the kiddos and stay all day! i wish i would have been able to get more pictures to show more of the details such as the giant pile of muddy post-race sneakers being donated to GreenSneakers, or the amazing chainsaw carvings that were being raffled to benefit the wounded warrior project.

maxi demonstrates a warrior dance.



  1. you make viking horns look sexy ;)

  2. I'm so glad you had fun but I have to say, Maxi's dance is my favorite part of this post!

  3. yeah, it's pretty great. he's the best. :)