Wednesday, October 27, 2010

trick or treat! (craft)

We have been entertaining ourselves for the past few days by working on these paper mache trick or treat buckets. Here is a simple how to:

bowl or wide mouth jar
one recipe paper mache goop*
a couple sheets of newspaper

Start by ripping the newspaper into strips that are about 1.5 inches wide, then tear those so they are about 5 inches long. Next, blow up your ballon and set the knot end of the balloon down into the bowl or jar. This just makes a nice stand so that we can cover the whole balloon (except for the part in the jar) with paper mache.

 Now take one strip and dip it into the goo, you want it to be coated but not too drippy. I like to run it between my first two fingers to squeegee off any excess. Then lay the strip across the balloon. Continue doing this until you have a  nice layer of newspaper around the whole exposed portion of the balloon.  

Allow this to dry for a few hours (we left ours overnight), and then apply another layer, and then another (we only did two layers, because I'm impatient). Basically, the more layers you do, the stronger your bucket will be.

When you are happy with the strength of your bucket, and your last layer is dry, pry your balloon off the bowl and pop it with a pin! Peel the balloon out, and trim the edge of your bucket with scissors. 

Then paint and decorate any way you wanna. You could do the whole thing with paint, or get super creative and add fabric, pom poms, Ric Rac, pipe cleaners, or anything else you think of (little ones are really good and imagining up items to use!).

These would make cute Easter baskets, too, I'll bet. Decorated differently, of course.



* There are all kinds of recipes for paper mache "goo" but what we like best is 1c water + 2c warm water + a few Tbs Elmer's Glue. Just mix it all up in a bowl until the smooth. You can cover tightly and keep in the fridge for a few days, just stir it again before use, the glue and flour will settle at the bottom.

Start today so that it will be done by Halloween!!

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