Thursday, October 7, 2010

my soup's unfortunate appearance

i'm not even going to post a picture of this. it's that bad. luckily, it smelled so amazingly delicious that i didn't hesitate to eat it. all of it. it was, in fact, amazingly delicious. i recently found this blog, which is written by the author of this book, and i after reading her post i immediately made the recipe she has for lentil soup. i was so excited because i thought i had everything needed to make it on hand. random unmarked bag of lentils, check. other delectable ingredients, check. my mistake, however, was to use the lentils i had. they were brown. the recipe clearly calls for red lentils, which cook up to a beautiful golden color. i didn't realize that there was no magic behind the color of my lentils, which started out brown, and in fact cooked up to a brown color. this led to the rather unfortunate appearance of my soup. next time i'm at the grocery store, i'm definitely going to look for some RED lentils so that next time i make this soup my kids will actually taste it.

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