Monday, March 7, 2011

another sock post.

Just wanted to let everyone know I haven't given up on my socks yet, the pattern by the way, is Clover. I'm not sure if I mentioned before that this is just my sixth sock (which means there is a kid sock in my knitting bag that still doesn't have a mate!), and my first adult-sized sock. I'm thrilled with how it's coming along. I'm using a 9in circular needle which seems to make the knitting go faster.

Here's a better look at the funny heel. I'm doing a short row heel, which is not what the pattern calls for (I'm also knitting the socks toe-up which is also not what the pattern calls for). It looks a little funny like this, but I tried it on and it fits perfectly and looks just like any other heel. Here is the tutorial I used, in case you're curious.

Ta-Da! Have I mentioned yet that I'm thrilled with how this is coming along?! I have been asked a few times how I knit things that seem daunting to some people, and my answer is always this: If you want to knit it, just do. My trick is not to read the whole pattern through before you start. Simply make sure you have correct gauge and go for it. Sometimes reading the whole pattern came make it seem confusing, but reading it as I go, line by line, means I don't question the pattern trying to think ahead about what to do next. I just trust each step as I do it. So far, it has worked for me! Believe me, if you asked me just two years ago if I thought it were possible for me to knit socks or a sweater I would have just laughed at you.

Now for the funny part: shortly after that last photo was taken I got a phone call, and left my knitting in the couch. Then I looked through the kitchen doorway into the living room to see a sweet two year old boy smiling up at my, wearing a giant green lace sock on his little foot. He accidently pulled out a section about 12 stitches wide and 4 rows deep. It was so cute that I didn't even lose my temper. But I did invite my mom over (she lives next door!) to come over for a "knitting" date once the kiddies get to bed. She's my knitting moral support. 


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  1. Thanks for saying I'm your moral support. You've pushed me to go outside my knitting comfort level!