Thursday, March 31, 2011

My husband and I went to see Kyle Cease last year sometime when he did a comedy show with Louie Anderson. We absolutely loved his message, which he presented at the end of his routine. He talked about little kids, and how they believe whole-heartedly that they can do or be anything they want when they grow up. His main point was that if we can foster that excitement and belief in ourselves, no matter what other people think or what may seem more "logical" we just might surprise ourselves. Here is a video from his blog with a similar message. I have been straddling a line for the past few years, and that line is between doing what I feel in my heart I'm supposed to do "when I grow up" and doing what I think others expect of me. For some reason it has been tricky for me to realize that the people in my life who matter most will love me no matter which direction I choose to go. Now I just need to have the confidence of a four year old and the stubborness drive of a toddler.

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