Monday, January 20, 2014

oh ps- i failed.

is it too late to still be talking about christmas? because if i have to turn back time for a minute, i will. i totally failed on my christmas knitting goal, you guys. 3 knits for 3 kids totally didn't happen. i posted Mad's cape, which was totally done in time for her to wear to the nutcracker before christmas--yay! and i had already finished Milo's sweater, which was a seriously fun knit and i hope to do another one sometime soonish, but i completely failed at finishing a barley for Max. Woops! i finished it a couple weeks later for our first hike of the year, instead. and i'm pretty sure we lost it on the trail before any photos were taken. nice, right? next time i'll remember not to have him wear a fern-green hat when we go hiking through the forrest. here's some better photos of the two knits that didn't get lost though.

 i know i already posted about Mad's cape and the pattern details, but the yarn! it's called imagination, by knit picks and i had ordered it sometime early last year. if i'd have known they were discontinuing it, i would have ordered two skeins in every color. i LOVE it. i also used it many moons ago for Milo's newborn kick sack in a weird colorway, but i just love the fabric that it knits into. 

and this precious sweater is the Oh, handsome Winter-sweater by Anna and Heidi Pickles. love! it was such a fast and easy knit, and the results are just perfect. i used some amazing yarn that my mom had given me from her stash over a year ago, probably closer to two, and it was just perfect for this project. i'm pretty sure i have enough left over to knit up a matching one for baby no. 4!

this was the best i could do as far as a photo of him in it. strapped down and sleeping is the only way he'll hold still these days. two year old life is a busy life, you know. 

UPDATE: i'm excited to say Max's hat isn't lost after all, and here's the proof!
this pattern was fun. i just knit it in some wool of the andes (jalepeno) i had leftover from his striped vest, but i do wish i'd have had some more interesting yarn to knit it in. i love some of the examples on the pattern page that were knit in madelinetosh or malabrigo.