Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Oh my, guys, pardon me while I just step right back in here like I haven't been neglecting the blogosphere for the last three months, but holy CHRISTMAS KNITTING! I'm actually about to finish project number two, which will make for 2 down and only 1 to go. Totally doable! But only because the last one will only be a hat for Max, since I already gave him this vest just last month.

I started this Tomten waaaaaay back when Maximus was just a year old, and was super inspired by a similar jacket knitted by SouleMama. Luckily, I didn't check my gauge and so even though I originally intended for it to fit an 18 month old Max, it ended up being about a size 5T, and fits an almost 5 year old Max! 

When I pulled it out of the bottom of my knitting bag in October Maximus immediately noticed it and asked if it was going to be for him. Then he would keep track of my progress on his "rainbow coat," commenting about it every time he saw me working on it. It was darling and gave me all the motivation I needed to finish it at the annual knitting retreat my mom, mother in law, and aunt go on in early November.

 It was so lovely, and the icing on the cake (besides the view) was that my madre knit in all my loose ends (of which there were a ton because of all those fat stripes).

The best part, though, after getting home and giving it to Max, was hearing him chose his words quite carefully. "Mommy, your knitting is very beautiful." He really said that. My heart swelled. 

"But sometimes I think I'm going to like something more than I really do." Annnnnd deflate. 
At least he let me down easy, right?

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