Thursday, January 16, 2014

hiking all year

I made it a point to make no New Year's resolutions as we celebrated the new year with sparkling cider and a kick-ass game of Headbands. But I did, pretty much on accident, make a goal. I decided that as a family, we are going to hike every weekend of the year. I found out that I have NO excuse, considering there is a sweet nature trail just a mere couple of blocks from my front door. We hit it up with our neighbors after church the first weekend of the new year, and I immediately started dreaming up the weekend hikes that will take place the rest of the month/season/year/until I forget and realize I'm too cold/hungry/tired/pregnant to keep it up. Are you as curious as I am to see how many hikes we'll find in the area before I give up? Ha!

Hike #1- Seminary Hill Natural Area
 On our first hike we ended up falling off the trail and exploring the wilderness. We had an awesome time and found out that even our two year old likes to hike. He has decided quite recently that he'd rather be alongside us, rather than on my back--which is fine, since I happen to already be carrying around some extra weight in the front right now. ;)

Hike #2 - Nisqually Wildlife Refuge
For our second hike we ventured out to the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge and honestly, I have no idea how, as a born and raised Washingtonian I've never been here. It was great, the kids loved it, and since we had a meeting beforehand and got lost on the way (really?!) we were left wishing we'd have had more daylight hours to spend on the boardwalk, using the telescopes to see different species of birds. We will most definitely be going back soon!


  1. Love hearing about your hikes. I have great memories of hiking with the kids around quinault. One year I made the 3 youngest rain ponchos and pants in bright orange, red and yellow. Very colorful and hard to lose!!!

    1. Yes! That's what we need. I was recently searching around trying to find some rain gear for them and most of the boy jackets/pants were navy blue, black, or dark green. I don't want to put my boys in colors I'll lose them in!