Monday, April 13, 2009


So, as I said yesterday, I made yogurt in my crockpot!! I have read countless blogs where proud people such as myself were so surprised that it actually worked--and even more surprised that it was actually enjoyed by their families. And so I decided to also type up my testimony and post it on my blog. Yogurt in a crockpot, though thinner than yogurt of the store-bought varieties, is delicious! We ate it as dessert last night with blended peaches and honey stirred in, and today we tried it topped with strawberry goodness. I am so happy to have discovered that I could do this, not that it saves tons of money (I never spent that much on yogurt to begin with), but I have read that it is much healthier than store-bought yogurt. The reason for this is that commercially produced yogurt apparently isn't allowed to ferment for very long anymore (probably because the faster they make it, the more they can produce), and so it isn't able to develop as many good cultures as homemade yogurt, which you can allow to ferment for anywhere from 8-24hrs. I'm definitely going to do this again, and next time I'll probably double the batch and try to make some "cheese" as well.

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