Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Lots of reading tonight. I had another appointment and am beginning to think that I really need to take this whole SCD thing a whole lot more seriously. My doc wants to keep me on meds that I feel will be potentially taxing for various other organs--and Max's too, eventually. I've been reading a lot about the benefits of fish-oil and Omega 3 fatty acids, and how they can be a great anti-inflamitory for people with Crohn's. I've also been reading how funky guts can lead to a cloudy mind, which could really explain my air-headedness and knack for losing EVERYTHING!!--which, by the way I had been in denial about for nearly my whole life, until I had a recent realization that no one lets me borrow things that are of any importance anymore, and when anyone in my family is missing something, they immediately come to me to ask if I had borrowed it--(actually, I'm sure that's just in my character, but I can have hope.... right?) Well, that's one more thing we'll see if the fish oil can fix.

This is going to be really hard, especially with a two year old who has just discovered so many sugary treats. But honesly, if I'm going to go SCD, I'm going to have to switch over my whole household--which is ok, because it seems to be a generally more healthy way of eating, which will be a good habbit to instill in my kiddos. I already took a preliminary shopping trip today to stock up on all sorts of veggies and some beautiful chicken breasts, now I just need to make my own yogurt (a big part of SCD), and replace my 10 lb bag of sugar with a large jar of honey.

So, since I'm in the middle of a flare, I'm going to have to have all foods well cooked for a while, and I'll probably rely on a lot of broth for the next few days. Chicken soup, anyone? I'm going to have to cut out all breads and refined carbs, say no to milk and sugar... and think of something besides chicken soup to cook for dinner(while I could probably live for months on chicken soup, I have a feeling I'll need to get more creative to keep my family satisfied.)

Let's see if I can keep this up...

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  1. I have a few delicious recipes for chicken with just seasonings and veggies! My mom had her gal bladder removed and so she is way limited on the anything fatty and so it was hard having her over for dinner and not really knowing what she could eat. I will e-mail them to you and you can see if they are something that may work for you guys to try out!