Sunday, April 12, 2009

busy day!!

Happy Easter!! I hope everyone who is reading had as lovely a day as I did. We had a busy, but very enjoyable Easter Sunday. We started the day off putting away our homemade yogurt, which we still have yet to taste. As proud of myself as I am for making it, I'm kind of scared to taste it and I definitely wasn't about to taste it while it was still warm. Karl had the idea of pureeing some frozen peaches and honey to mix in, so the yogurt will be our dessert. Yay!! After breakfast Madee found the baskets the Easter bunny brought to our house for her and Max. She went to go check on her bunny and there were gifts on top of the cage waiting for her!! We have yet to determine whether or not our bunny is, in fact, the Easter Bunny. Madee got a cowgirl hat and a doctor kit (random, I know) in her basket and Maximus got a gloworm (his official first toy!). We spent the afternoon at my mom's house where Madelynn got to hunt for eggs with Sam, John, and cousin Jackson. We somehow managed to have the eggs hidden AND hunted for between rain showers (sort of). The kids stayed dry long enough to come in and eat (an awesome Easter dinner--thanks Mom!!) with out wreaking too much havoc on Mom's light-colored carpet, before going back out to fly kites in the rain, which proved to be quite the adventure, and I'm pretty sure turned out to be the highlight of Madelynn's day. She and her daddy were ablet to get Elmo WAY up there, and boy did he fly far when she let go of him altogether!! Karl had to venture a few driveways down to find the kite.

After all the egg-hunting-kite-flying-dinner-eating madness, Kendal and Jessie stopped by with little Carson. Madelynn was so funny about "baby Carson"... she was pretty sure he wanted her to carry him around and hold him, but he's not a whole lot smaller than she is these days, and quite frankly he wasn't so sure about her and her nurturing instincts.

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  1. Awwwwwh. I missed you all this easter. thanks for posting an update so I could kinda be part. Bet the yogurt was yummy!!! love you all
    the mom in law