Saturday, February 8, 2014

new post, old dress {maternity sewing}

I decided this dress needs an updated post. It has been on favorite status through two pregnancies, and was amazing after Milo was born, since the deep V neckline lends itself well to nursing attire. I used this tutorial with a super light weight slub knit that I doubled over. The arm holes and hem are left raw, since the jersey doesn't fray and I dig the look. The style of the dress works well as a layered piece with a long sleeve shirt and leggings, works as a cute spring church outfit with flats and a cardigan, and can even be paired well with heels for a date night. LOVE it. Pretty sure I'll be making another one as soon as the right fabric finds me.

Here's what it looks like with no belt, which is getting to be more comfortable these days.

And here's the belly!

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