Tuesday, July 27, 2010

none of yo'....

...BEESWAX! ok just kidding. i crack myself up.

i recently ordered some modeling beeswax for the kiddos and we got to play with it today. i wasn't sure how well it would go over, but i thought it could be a fun change from play dough. once we got the hang of it (it's a lot harder to mold, and takes patience to warm it up in your hands), the kidlets sculpted some pretty creative little figures. i think kids who are a little older might get even more enjoyment out of it as they would be able to work it a little better--as it was, they ended up handing me each color they wanted to use, so that i could warm it up and help them shape it. we found that using smaller pieces (much smaller than in the photos) was much easier to manipulate, and therefore less frustrating. one thing i really like about it is that the little figurines they make can actually be played with, without getting all squished up in the process, like play dough. also, since the texture is so firm, the colors can be stuck together but don't actually mix.

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