Tuesday, September 27, 2011

thanks, anna.

Here's a dress I made a few weeks ago. It may be the most comfy piece of clothing that still fits over my giant self. Possibly even more comfortable than my striped skirt. I used the tutorial for Anna Maria Horner's Museum Tunic, with a few minor changes. While I LOVE her fabric for this dress, I opted for a super light slub-knit jersey, which I double-layered over the whole dress. My fabric piece was long enough that I didn't have to sew the shoulder seams, the dress is basically just two long skinny rectangles sewed together with an opening in the middle for the neckline and some elastic shirring below the bust. I sewed the back of the neck closed, but left the front a deep V. I worried that the solid color and casual fabric would make it look too nightgownish, so I paired with an elastic belt I recently scored at Ross. I think it helps. And even if it doesn't, at least my belly isn't showing! ;)

Don't worry, I'm not giving anyone the death-stare in the next photo. Turns out, I am often unaware of my facial expressions. Until someone catches them on camera (thanks mom).

I'm excited about this dress, not only because I made it weeks ago and it still fits, but also because I think it has some serious potential for post pregnancy wear as well. I'm thinking the deep V will come in pretty handy for nursing.



  1. Oh, I thought that was your school teacher-y look. :-)