Thursday, February 13, 2014

thursday already?!

How on earth did that happen? Karl didn't work at all last week due to the weather, and we spent all day Monday buying a new (to us) car. (Yay for being a two car family again!) Needless to say our schedule has been all thrown off with daddy home and we are just now getting back into real life again. Boy did we enjoy our time though. It is lovely to take a few days once in a while to just be. We had nothing scheduled and didn't yet have the means to get our to-do list rolling. Instead we enjoyed a lot of reading, a couple family movie nights, playing together, and family naps. Luckily, after a lovely weekend full of snow and nighttime snowball fights, the weather warmed up and Karl made it back to work before we all got too used to being home together--turns out that just doesn't get the bills paid!

Hopefully I'll get another boost of energy soon now that I've hit the third trimester (!!) and get those maternity shirts finished so I have more than one shirt that fits again.

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