Saturday, July 21, 2012

summer blouse

Yay for sewing! Now that I have decided I would work sewing and knitting into my schedule more regularly, I was finally able to finish this top I had started a few weeks ago. It's the Summer Blouse from Heather Ross', Weekend Sewing. I have had this book for a few years now and mostly have just perused the photos over coffee. I haven't been brave enough to try sewing something for me from a pattern for quite some time. I ended up using the pattern for the L because A) I'm a nursin' mama and still luggin' around some extra baby weight so I'm not as small as I was, and B) I stole  was given this lovely (old) fabric from my mom and wasn't sure if it had been washed/shrunk. Turns out it did shrink a little after I sewed it, but it was also super huge, so I added some darts (?) in the back and love the slight shaping it gave it. I really like the pattern and will probably sew it again, but like most people said on the flickr group, I'll add a few inches to the bottom and probably still sew the darts.

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