Saturday, July 28, 2012

12 in 2012 update

Here's an update on my 12 in 2012. This was such a great idea. In my break I took from blogging, I had pretty much forgotten about this list, so I'm especially excited to see how much we have accomplished.

1. Eat local food. 
We have received 5 of our CSA boxes, and so far we are LOVING it! I have never eaten so fresh in my life, and after the second week of having huge, lovely salads for dinner and new (to me) vegetables--garlic scapes, turnips, broccolini, and arugula, just to name a few--I found myself actually craving more fresh food instead of sugary carbs all the time.

2. Buy used. 
We actually quite recently made a spur of the moment trip to our local thrift store and scored big on some needed and some not-so-needed items. It was a nice surprise and a trip that definitely encouraged me to keep thrifting.

3. Read Little House series.
So far we have gotten almost to the end of Little House on the Prairie, but with all our summertime activity our bedtime routine has gotten pretty lax with the kiddos passing out after days full of jumping on the trampoline and hiking.

4. Hike! 
We really haven't gone on any formal hikes, but we have definitely been outdoors for much of the summer. We have done a local hiking trail (our favorite) a few times, started geocaching, and "hiked" out to see the world's largest spruce tree in Quinault.

5. Run a half marathon.
Although I did finally run a 5k in May (my first one ever!!), I'm definitely no where near running a half marathon, and at this point have lost motivation to do so.

6. Become a licensed daycare provider.
There have been some changes in my family that have made this one impossible, and I'm ok with that.

7. Sew more. 
Definitely still high on the priority list. Hoping it will happen soon!

8. Spend more time unplugged.
This one has become our habit now. We definitely spend more time outdoors or doing something constructive that we do in front of the TV. Hopefully it will last after school starts again!

9. Finish our backyard. 

10. Visit family more often.

11. Dye fabric. 

12. Reduce. 

Feels good to see it all written out. How about you? Were there changes or goals that you have worked toward this year? 

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