Wednesday, July 18, 2012

summer adventures

::in front of Merriman Falls::


 ::at the base of the world's largest spruce tree::

::at the beach on July 4th::

I suppose we have developed a family tradition of continually seeing if its possible to take a whole family self-portrait when doing something cool. Yes, it makes it impossible to see what the cool thing is we're doing/seeing, but its more funny to me to see our reactions to it. Ahhh, the memories. I probably won't forever remember just how big the world's largest spruce tree is, but I do hope to remember how my little boy thought he was Spiderman while climbing up the giant roots that were sticking out of the ground, and how we felt so good after getting sprayed by the mist of the waterfall on a crazy hot day that we couldn't help but all make ridiculous faces... good times, these summer adventures. 



  1. It's fun to enjoy the outings vicariously through your photos :-)

  2. these are great photos, everyone's faces are so candid, love it!