Sunday, August 2, 2009

mom and dad?!

Our precious little girl is going to be THREE in two weeks, and all of a sudden, Karl and I went from "Mommy" and "Daddy" to just a casual "mom" and "dad." How heart breaking!! But, as I watch her now, dancing around the living room in her Elmo panties and asking her dad to rebuild her "fork" out of blankets and couch cushions, I enjoy her. I enjoy that she is still small and her imagination is large. I enjoy that she has a playroom full of toys, but prefers to play with our flash light. I enjoy that she wears little boy undies because she appreciates a larger Elmo print. I enjoy that her people drawings have too many limbs, and that tomatoes are good to eat out of the garden no matter their color... even if I am just "Mom."


  1. Some people think you only let go of your children once, when in fact, it's a process. This is just one step, and you wrote about it beautifully.

  2. Oh Carey---I SO remember that moment with Tater. I remember feeling like, "who gave him permission to call me that?!?" I feel for ya...