Friday, August 21, 2009

Grampa Bobby...

...would definitely be proud. In fact, we'll definitely have to pay him a visit while Maximus can still fit into these pants I just made him. Grampa Bobby is the biggest Elvis fan I know, and these sweet pants are kind of a tribute. :)

Oh, and don't mind the binky.
It's purple. It's left over from big sister. He also slept on a hot pink sheet last night...

... desperate times call for desperate measures. Or something like that. HA! Actually, we're completely unorganized and can't keep up with things like binkies and crib sheets because we're having the biggest garage sale of the century this weekend, and things are kind of hectic around here. We're clearing stuff out and saving up for upcoming events*.

*NOTE: contrary to popular facebook belief, these "events" DO NOT include another baby (anytime soon).


  1. Garage sale?!? Where was it??? I would've totally been there...dang!!! Adorable pants by the way. :)