Wednesday, July 16, 2014

recycled t-shirt baby quilt

you have no idea how happy this makes me, guys (because, sewing!). i started this quilt about three years ago and had completely given up on it until last week. i decided i'd better buy myself a walking foot and finally finish this quilt even though i was convinced it wasn't worth it. i had sewn the sweet zig-zag front, and even quilted it, but just couldn't bring myself to bind it. but now i wish i'd have been more careful with it, because i LOVE the way it turned out.

the quilt top is made of thrifted t-shirts i cut up and patched together (unfortunately i didn't know about quilting with a walking foot three years ago). you can also see here if you look closely that i did a little bit of hand quilting which looks kind of cool in real life, especially on the back. 

the backing is a soft, lovely flannel, and in the middle is natural cotton batting, making this a lovely little quilt that a baby can play on outside or on hardwood floors. i used just a regular quilting cotton for the binding, and i adore the way it pulls it all together.

man my front porch needs to meet a pressure washer. can we just call it "rustic"?  ;)

i'm feeling like i need to hit the thrift store and revive my etsy shop!

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