Tuesday, June 3, 2014

three-year blankie

I call this the "three-year blankie." Not that it actually takes that long to crochet, but when you move twice in two years, the final move into a gianormous fixer-upper with a never ending to do list, and then have a new baby while wrangling three big ones, the crochet blanket tends to get put on the back burner. And then left there. For three years. But its done! (Nevermind that its only "done" because I turned it sideways and decided it should be smaller than I originally planned because I really want to get started on that granny square afghan instead!) I do love this little blankie though. I used the Granny Stripes pattern and some lovely discontinued cotton yarn from Knitpicks. 

My project page is here. 
I only got one picture of the blanket before I got entirely distracted with this cutie. 
LOVE these sleepy smiles!

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