Monday, December 23, 2013

2 down, 1 to go!

My sweet mama sent my girlie and I to the Nutcracker this year. It was Mad's first time seeing it and she was in awe. I'm not sure if that's what made this hormonal, pregnant mama tear up, or if I'm just especially moved by cute ballerina's now that I'm getting old, but I should have packed tissues. Who'd have thunk? I was pretty happy that she got to go in style, since I finished Christmas knit #2 just in time! Then I gave it to her early, because every little girl needs something extra fancy special to wear to her first time at the Nutcracker--which was also a wonderfully cute bonus to going to the early show. 

The pattern I used is Spritely, and the yarn is a discontinued alpaca/merino/nylon mix from KnitPicks that is super lovely, and I'm sad that they no longer carry it. You can see more details and photos on my project page

Now to finish Christmas knit #3 before tomorrow. Wish me luck! 


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