Sunday, September 16, 2012

giant slide.

 I haven't been on one of these slides in ages. I forgot that I am actually a teensy bit scared of heights, until I was up at the top of the stairs with two children who don't want to hold my hands--which were full of burlap sacks anyway--and guarded only by a rickety chain-link fence.
 It was really fun!
 This is about the point where I realized I was going REALLY fast (don't heavy things go faster than lighter things? yikes!) and tried to hide the fact that I totally thought I was going to crash into the nice helper lady and small children. I had to consciously refrain myself from yelling, "move, move, MOVE!" Also... I wish these photos were high enough quality to zoom in on Max's face.

This is where all my adrenaline made me feel a little weak in the knees and goofy for being so afraid. Madelynn could sense I wasn't myself... Doesn't it look like she's calmly checking on my well being?

And here's where that nice helper lady is thinking, Ok, CrazyRedPants, you can get up now... those kids at the tops are waiting reallllly patiently. This is also where Maximus, after clenching my arm so tightly his little claws felt like there were breaking skin, exclaimed, "let's go again!!"


  1. I will now forever think of you as CrazyRedPants. It's like your Indian name, only better.

  2. What fun! I remember taking Scout on the big slide at the fair...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  3. that is an AWESOME slide and one of the moist enjoyable, feel good posts I have read in a long while!! xo