Monday, September 3, 2012

about that dress

Here's a little more info about that flower girl dress my pretty girlie wore. The bride had the following photo pinned as flower girl inspiration, but envisioned having it in her orange and pink wedding colors. 

It didn't take me too long to figure out that it is one of the ever-popular (so google searches and etsy tell me) "tutu dresses". Luckily, there are tutorials all over the 'net so I'll spare you my own. I will say though, that this took so much more tulle than I thought it would. About 16 yards to fit my 6 year old! Most of the tutorials I found have you simply making slip knots with long tulle strips over a piece of 3/4 - 1inch elastic. I used 2 inch elastic and used regular knots so I could pull them a bit tighter, making them less noticeable. For the sash, I simply used satin blanket binding. And, because one of my colors of tulle had glitter (which I will NEVER use again. I am still finding hot pink glitter all over my house, and the dress hasn't been worn since the wedding!), it was pretty doggone itchy, so I simply bought a hot pink tee at Walmart for $3.50 and cut it at the armpits so that I was left with a perfect tube of matching, soft material to line the top of the dress in. It was super easy, and I finished it about an hour before the wedding so that my girl could walk down the aisle without having an extreme itchy/sweaty (it was HOT!) melt-down. 

an unsolicited pose. she just felt fabulous.

here's a shot to show you the lining. i definitely recommend lining it.

and here's a shot in natural light to show you the colors a little better.

tutorials/inspiration can be found here and here.

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