Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween in too many photos ;)

 we had a pretty last minute halloween around here tonight, but luckily that didn't take away from the excitement of it all for my littles. 

 saturday was pumpkin carving. maxi didn't care much for the pumpkin guts, but was thrilled that we allowed him to use a forbidden sharpie.

 mad was all about playing in the guts.

 how is one suppose to keep a two year old clean, anyway?

 pumpkin creations! 

 though at one point i had intended to sew up some costumes, that flew out the window when i thought i might have a newborn at halloween. silly me.

 madelynn thought my blue dress looked like the ocean, so she cut some sweet marine life out of construction paper and helped me attach it just so for a kickin' last minute costume. :)

hope your halloween was just as awesome as mine!


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