Thursday, November 10, 2011

welcome baby milo!

A week ago today, my family welcomed our newest member. Baby Milo Zachary joined us on 11.03, weighing in at 9lb, 6oz! We have been enjoying our time getting used to being a family of five, and getting just small tastes of what it is like for my husband and I to be outnumbered by our children. So far, so good. ;) This third babe of ours is such a joy. I had already forgotten in just two and a half years how much having a newborn around forces you to take life more slowly. I have been trying to soak up all this newborn-ness as I know now how quickly it all passes by. 

Here are some photos my mother in law took while we were still at the hospital.

Super sweet hat knit by Grandma Ferol.



  1. Yay! I'm glad he has finally made his blog-land debut :) and that you are adjusting so well!

  2. Thanks. You'll have to come visit us in all your spare time. He's pretty darn sweet. And if you come down here, then you can go to that shop I sent you the link to on facebook... or I meant to anyway. Did you get it? :)