Sunday, September 25, 2011

long time gone

Wowza! I can't believe I've nearly let the whole month of September fly by without a single post. We've been having computer issues, and though my mom generously loaned us an extra laptop, it's slower than I'm used to and doesn't have the same photo editing software I've been using... and since it's not my computer, I've been reluctant to upload photos from my camera onto it... but mostly I've been l a z y. I'll do my best to catch us all up since beginning of August. And then maybe I'll start posting regularly again. :)

First, Little No. 3 is still in my belly, as you can see. Yet, that fact doesn't stop me from "trying on" the latest knits he'll be forced to wear. It's funny to me when I think about the differences between my first and third pregnancies. With Mad, I couldn't wait to be DONE being pregnant. I just wanted to meet the little being growing inside of me. Whenever I was asked how far along I was, I could tell you down to the hour (haha!) how much time I thought I had left. This time around, though I am equally excited to meet this little guy, I have my other two keeping me so busy that I feel like the end of my pregnancy is beginning to sneak up on me! We have the crib set up in Maxi's room, but have yet to do much else to prepare for this sweet one's arrival. And for some reason the list seems to be growing as time is running out (set up the cradle in our room, sort out all the newborn baby clothes, get cloth diapers ready, buy baby wipes in order to avoid running in a panic to the store when we run out, sew diaper pail liner, sew more nursing pads, finish baby's crib quilt... and the list goes on!). Whenever I get started on the list, my brain automatically inserts "take nap" between each item. Good for my body, not so good for productivity.

Mad turned 5 since my last post. She also started school. Kindergarten. All day. I am absolutely amazed to see all that she has already learned and the amount of social growth that has taken place in just a few weeks since she started. Five years ago, this stage in our lives hadn't yet crossed my mind, so it feels weird to say I'm surprised by how much I am enjoying it. Watching these babes grow and seeing what comes next is such a blessing and a learning process, and I'm honestly loving every step.

And last but not least, my big guy is getting bigger. And more stylish, obviously. I have fixed his hair cut and put away the too small "horsey boots" since this photo was taken. I'm thinking these ones might have to show up under the Chrstimas tree this year, since my kiddlets have such round little foot-tops, and owning a nice pair of "horsey boots" is as close as they'll ever get to their dream of someday owning a horse (how do I make them understand we must first own a farm?!). And by the way, that Mtn Dew bottle became a cowboy pistol, which apparently makes a "pew-pew" sound and is useful for shooting sisters, bugs, and chalk grafitti.

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